Five Awesome Green Start-Up Ideas

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Going green has become one of the few trends that has a positive impact on society and on the environment. If you are an entrepreneurial-minded individual and you want to start your own business, take advantage of the trend and start a “green” business offering either eco-friendly products or environmentally-friendly services. A “green” start-up can be an effective way to earn additional income to supplement your salary and eventually can also become a full-time venture. Here are 5 awesome start-up ideas that can earn you profits without requiring a huge investment:
1. A Green E-commerce Store

If you have always dreamed of entering the retail sector, choose the green route and open an e-commerce store. E-commerce is growing in popularity, as more consumers enjoy the comfort of shopping for products from the comforts of their own home. If you want to take it a step further, you can focus your store around selling only green products and target an eco-minded individuals. If this is an idea that appeals to you, you will need to decide if you want to start your store from the ground up or if you want to invest in a pre-packaged turnkey store where the inventory and billing is taken care of by another company.
2. Bringing Garbage to Life

Believe it or not, the garbage that people throw away is worth a great deal of money. A variety of different products that are thrown away can be converted into different products that can earn you money. Product packaging, used soda bottles, and foil, can also easily be made into reusable totes or home products. If you are a creative individuals and you are willing to do homework on the recycling process, this is a business that you can start in your garage.
3. Business Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Did you know the United States uses and wastes more energy than any other country in the world? If you want to contribute to reducing consumption, consider becoming an energy auditor and consult businesses on how to save money by reducing their own consumption. Energy efficiency consultancy is becoming increasing popular in the business sector. You can easily buy a franchise, get trained in auditing, and earn money by showing businesses where they can save.

4. Residential Eco-Consultants

Just like businesses, homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their energy costs as well. Becoming an eco-consultant is a great opportunity for individuals who want to earn a part-time income by identifying the changes households can make to save on monthly utility bills. If you want to get trained and used a proven business model, companies like Green Irene offer opportunities for entrepreneurs are motivated and ready to learn.
5. Green Product Party Coordinator

More and more households are shopping for green products to replace conventional products in the home. If you love throwing parties, why not coordinate home parties where all you sell is green products? Companies like Zola, offer a direct-sales model that you can follow to earn a profit on all of the green products that you sell.

You do not have to create a business model or a comprehensive business plan just to become an entrepreneur. If you are ready to start a business and become part of the environmental movement, consider one of these five ideas and earn an income doing something you are proud of.

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