5 Small Business Marketing Resolutions For 2014

When the New Year rolls around, you always hear about people making resolutions in an attempt to make a new name for themselves and get on the right path. However, these resolutions and attempts at rebranding shouldn’t just stop at individuals. Instead, you can also use the New Year as the perfect time to instill some new marketing resolutions to get your business going. Here are five small business marketing resolutions for 2014:

Be Specific

With as much marketing messaging bombarding people on a daily basis, it has become increasingly hard to get their attention. One way of doing so, and making sure it sticks, is by being hyper specific in what you are marketing. No matter your media, whether it is print, radio, television or online, be sure that your marketing message is easy to understand and directly tailored for your market. This will not only make it harder for people to ignore, but it’ll also help with directly grabbing their attention and keeping it for as long as possible.

Involve The Customer

Social media has changed the way businesses operate without question. It is easier than ever for businesses to be in contact with customers, which can display how important they are to your business. For a New Year’s resolution for your company, be sure to involve your customers as much as possible. By directly aiming your marketing at individuals on social media, existing and potential customers alike will see that your company pays attention and is interested in what its audience thinks. Social media is also a great way to interact with customers and address any negative (or positive) reviews as they arise.

Be Consistent

When it comes to marketing, it can be easy to think that one campaign or advertisement is going to get your traffic going and consistent. And while it may help get things off the ground, you need to remain committed to getting the word out there, especially if the goal is to keep people coming back for more. Businesses shouldn’t let this ‘feast or famine’ mentality determine their outcome. And with consistent marketing, you take an important step towards helping establish a loyal customer base that does repeat business with your company.

Careful For Overflow

While you should be consistent and keep in mind the information in the preceding paragraph, you also need to be able to draw the line that then spills into overflow. There is nothing more annoying than seeing the same commercial over and over during prime-time television and the same is to be said about companies that post the same content on social media every five minutes. Unlike radio or televised marketing, that people may be more likely to watch because of commitment to a certain program, it is extremely easy for customers to quickly add you to their block list or stop following you on social media. To avoid this, keep things consistent, yet casual. After all, timing is everything.

Keep Learning

It seems that every day, new technology is coming out that is changing the world as we know it. Just when businesses were getting used to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along came Snapchat, Instagram and Vine. The point is that you may not be able to predict what’s next, but it is important that you keep learning and adapting to the changes that inevitably come. In doing so, you’ll keep your business ahead of the curve and relevant to a variety of different customer bases.

2014 should be the best year yet for your business. You have tons of technological resources at your fingertips to attract customers. And with the tips presented here, you can market to customers in ways that you previously never would’ve considered or imagined. Stick to these resolutions for your business, like you would to the personal resolutions you set for yourself!

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