5 Unique Service Businesses In The Auto Industry

When the Model T was introduced in the early 1900s, the very notion of freedom on the roads was reason enough to purchase one. As the auto industry has evolved, cars have changed to reflect the technology of the times, from protective paint films to pinpoint headlights lighting the way. Service businesses within the auto industry had to improve as well to keep up with consumer demand. With computers, navigation systems and hybrid vehicles on the road, drivers need unique repairs periodically to avoid a costly replacement.

Stereo And Navigation Repair:

In the past, a broken car stereo may have just been ignored or thrown out. With today’s high-tech components, including navigation, it is almost impossible to be without a stereo or GPS unit. Short Circuit Repair, based out of California, prides itself on its rapid turnaround for repairing GPS units and car stereos. You can either bring your car into the shop or send the unit only to their highly-trained staff. Replacing navigation or stereos is extremely expensive, depending on the unit’s manufacturer and features. Servicing the unit helps you save money and retain your vehicle’s top feature.

Gasoline Conversion:

Gasoline used to be a free flowing commodity at cheap prices. As fossil fuels dwindle, the price of gasoline to power your car is ridiculously expensive. Some businesses have seen the great value in converting traditional gasoline cars into ethanol-powered vehicles. Although drivers can purchase a conversion kit themselves, many people are more comfortable with a professional working on their vehicle. These kits allow your car to operate on mostly ethanol, or alcohol, fuel. With only a fraction of gasoline necessary to mix with the ethanol, you save substantial money in the long-term future.

Customized Auto Software:

Some drivers have particular needs that require customized auto software, installed within the dashboard or on top of it. Clients can choose from unique engine information, such as transmission operations, or distinct mileage data. GPS information can also be incorporated, to give you a worldly view of your travels. Every client has a chance to create their own software, whether it is for personal or business use.

Backup Camera Installation:

As vehicles grow larger, from trucks to SUVs, safety behind the car becomes an issue. Drivers find it difficult to see as they back up, possibly striking a person or object. Many service facilities offer backup camera installation. A discreet hole is drilled into the back of the vehicle, allowing a camera to rest at a specified angle. With images appearing on a display or rearview mirror, drivers instantly see the vehicle’s rear for safe backing.

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning:

Thousands of hybrid cars are on the road, but the batteries do not last forever. Costing more than $1,000 each, these batteries are a costly replacement. Service facilities offer battery conditioning, rather than replacement, to keep your battery running longer. They evaluate the internal cells and repair them as needed. When a hybrid loses mileage and does not respond as well as normal, it is time for a battery reconditioning.

The auto industry strives to service every aspect of your car. With talented technicians, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by repairing a part, rather than replacing it. Talk to your favorite car service professional today about your options for a pleasant drive every day.

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