Blame Your Genes No More: Six Lifechanging Fitness Tips

Your weight is partially influenced by your genes. However, your lifestyle habits play a much bigger role than your genes. You have the power to improve your fitness by making a couple of adjustments in your lifestyle. Below are six life-changing fitness tips:

Drink Water Throughout The Day

This is one of the simplest things that you can do to improve your fitness and overall health. You can very easily cut calories if you drink water instead of fruit juices and sodas. Drinking water will also help keep you hydrated. Keep in mind that dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. Furthermore, you will increase your metabolism by drinking more water.

Incorporate HIIT Training Into Your Routine

HIIT is short for high-intensity interval training. It involves alternating periods of high-intensity activity with recovery periods. This is a very effective way to train. Studies have shown that the body burns more fat during high-intensity exercise. Your body also continues to burn fat and calories long after you have completed a HIIT workout.

In addition to improved fitness, there are a number of other benefits that you can reap from HIIT training. Your insulin sensitivity will improve. Insulin sensitivity is your body’s ability to use insulin. Additionally, HIIT training will increase your body’s ability to use oxygen.

If you are a beginner, then you should only perform HIIT training for 20 minutes. Start off with a three to five minute warm-up. You should also end your workout with a cool-down.

Here is an example of a simple HIIT routine. You can sprint or jog very fast for one minute and then walk or jog at a slow pace for two minutes. Repeat this cycle for 20 minutes.

Eat A Healthy Snack Every Three Hours

You have to eat on a regular basis in order to keep your metabolism going. That is why you should eat a healthy snack every three hours. Raw fruits and vegetables are the best types of snacks that you can consume.

Limit Your Intake Of Processed Foods

Processed foods are typically very high in empty calories and sodium, which will make it easier for you to lose weight. They also have several chemicals that are bad for your body.

Exercise Portion Control

Portion control is one of the key things that you will have to do to either lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. There are several things that you can do to exercise portion control. You can use smaller plates. You can also drink a glass of water before your meal. Additionally, you should consider eating slower. When you eat slower, you will naturally reduce the amount of food that you consume.

Find Simple Ways To Get Moving

Even if you exercise on a regular basis, you are still at an increased risk for gaining weight if you spend a lot of time being sedentary. That is why you should find simple ways to get moving. For example, you can do exercises at your desk while you are at work. You can also walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator.

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