Five Fashion Trends That Lead to a Successful Business

Fashions are more than a lot of fun. Trends in the fashion world have given rise to some up-and-coming small businesses. Do you want a piece of the action? Check out these five fun fashion trends that have turned into big profits for some entrepreneurs.

1. Fun Foot Fashions

Who doesn’t love a great pair of socks? Foot fashions have been popular for years, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere soon. Super comfortable compression socks for sporting events and everyday dress will always be in demand. Since socks are a great way to add a little personality to any outfit, novelty socks for holidays, special occasions and just plain fun days will always sell well too. Companies that sell socks often expand into tights, pantyhose and similar product lines as well. The possibilities seem boundless.

2. Hair Accessories

Little girls and grown women love dressing up, and putting something special in your hair always seems to make even a dreary day more exciting. Several small companies have made big money catering to this market. Some focus specifically on providing bows, clips and other hair pieces for little girls. Others have expanded to include elegant hair accessories for women among their offerings. Beautiful hair accessories are easy for crafters to make and can often be sold for a healthy profit.

3. Jewelry

A new piece of jewelry can easily and affordably add new life to an old outfit. Many companies have turned a profit by tapping into the jewelry market. Geek-chic fashions have made long pendant necklaces particularly popular. To dress up an outfit or add a personal flair, many women will layer multiple pieces of jewelry. Bracelets are now commonly worn by both men and women. Expanding into the market of men’s jewelry has helped several jewelry companies remain active in a rapidly changing market.

4. Kids’ Clothing

Kids are constantly requiring new clothing. Little ones grow so quickly that parents often feel that their kids scarcely try on an outfit before they outgrow it. Kids need cute fashions for school and for church events. Special events like recitals require other clothing, and growing children frequently require new clothes for new seasons. Last year’s winter coat isn’t likely to fit right this year, and the bathing suit your daughter wore last summer is probably three sizes too small this summer. Companies that want to make money on children’s fashion have a market that won’t be dwindling any time soon.

5. Scarves

Accessorizing can make any outfit go from blah to beautiful. Scarves of many different types and styles have been used for decades to accent and improve everyday looks. Colorful silk scarves can be worn around the neck in a manner reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s glamorous style. Larger scarves make excellent accessories and can be worn with pins or brooches to add pizazz to an outfit. Chunky knit scarves aren’t only fashionable but also help to keep wearers warm in chilly climates. Although the means of wearing scarves may change over time, they aren’t likely to go completely out of style ever.

Fashions continue to evolve, but there are many ways in which companies can make money with fashion. What fashion items would you choose to sell?

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