Electronic Cigarettes E-Commerce Sites Are An Emerging Trend Online

Benefiting from an intense offline marketing campaign that covers airwaves and print media, electronic cigarettes seem like they’re everywhere these days with their appearance on the street becoming almost as common as traditional cigarettes. With sales increasing exponentially every year, the skyrocketing popularity of these devices seems prime territory for sales on the internet and traffic has already exploded in just a few years of online sales.

A variety of websites offering sales of electronic cigarettes have emerged in the past year and these sites offer all sorts of information in addition to sales such as reviews of different types of electronic cigarettes and tips on getting the best experience while “vaping,” which is what users call them instead of saying “smoking.”
Assumption of Health Benefits

One of the primary reasons for the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes is how they are marketed. Users feel that they are getting to smoke just like they used to with real cigarettes with none of the drawbacks associated with actual cigarettes. Although the health factor of electronic cigarettes is heavily debated, users tend to assume that there are fewer cancer-causing ingredients in electronic cigarettes because there is no smoke associated with using them.
Getting Around Smoking Laws

A traditional cigarette is noticeable in a public environment to such a degree that most places have banned the use of cigarettes in any place except for designated areas. An electronic cigarette emits puffs of water vapor and even though the end of the device lights up just like an actual cigarette, it’s not a device that allows smoke to fill the air and clog a neighbor’s lungs. For anyone who is a smoker and wants to hang out with their friends, this creates great incentive to use an electronic cigarette.

Lower Cost than Cigarettes

With taxes at an all-time high on traditional cigarettes where a single pack of cigarettes may top six dollars, electronic cigarettes can be reused and a refill cartridge costs only half what a traditional pack of cigarettes might. Whether someone has the funds to pay for a pack of regular cigarettes or would rather pay less for an electronic cigarette, all the electronic cigarette advantages seem to be propelling general declines in the use of traditional cigarettes.
The “New” Factor Online

Some internet trends come and go while others stick around and become an indelible part of internet culture and popularity tends to last just as long as it takes something new to come along that trumps that fad’s popularity. Electronic cigarettes are certainly on a swift upward trajectory regarding their popularity and with their swift and widespread acceptance across many social strata, their continued sales online seems certain. Some Hollywood movie stars have also been seen puffing away on electronic cigarettes in their films, which is a very noticeable type of advertising.
Unknowns Remain with Electronic Cigarettes

While the popularity of electronic cigarettes seems stratospheric, no one is certain just how far their popularity may climb. Some of the stumbling blocks to electronic cigarette growth may stem from some cities and locations starting to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in certain areas. In addition, no one is certain whether electronic cigarettes will be deemed healthier than regular cigarettes or whether they will be shown as just as harmful as taking a puff on a traditional cigarette.

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