The Event App World: Why More Event Planners Are Turning To Mobile Platforms

Are you an event planner? If you are an experienced professional or you are new to the industry, you must recognize the importance of using platforms to monitor the success of all of your hard work. In the past, it was not possible to keep your attendees engaged once they left a trade show or conference. Now, with so many different applications available for event planners, you can keep your attendees engaged while they are at the event and long after they are gone. These new industry applications make it possible for planners to plan a data-driven event where usable information can be obtained and used for future marketing efforts.

You may think that the app world has grown entirely too big, but in some cases apps can make your job all the easier. Find out why the most respected and innovative event planners are turning to mobile event apps and platforms to engage their attendees and learn how these products can benefit you.
Reason #1: Creative Ways to Engage Your Attendees

While the modern consumers wants value, they also want to do business with a company that offers engagement. This is one of the main reasons why social media has become so popular in the corporate environment. A mobile platform can help you increase attendee engagement in a number of different ways. Not only can each of your visitors interact with your content and your speakers from a mobile device, they can also check-in at your event and update their social profiles directly from your app.

There are a number of ways to engage your attendees. You can develop games, embed surveys, take real-time polls, and offer promotional prizes to your attendees all at the same time. This makes attendee engagement fun, informative, and very memorable.
Reason #2: Using Feedback to Improve

Getting real-time feedback is possibly one of the greatest benefits of event mobile apps. As an event planner, you want to know what your attendees liked and disliked about the event that you organized. The interactions that are unlocked in the app will identify what your attendees want so that you have usable data for your next event. These apps truly give you the tools and the information you need to make sure that every event in the future is better than the last.

Reason #3: Analytic Reports

Do you want real data that will deliver insight? Getting this without a mobile event apps can be a very difficult task. When you use a full featured event app, you can see where all of your attendees spent their time. By seeing which speakers and which exhibits got the most interaction, you can get more insight than ever before.
Reason #4: Green Event Planning

If you are printing flyers, speaker bios, and other marketing materials, you know how expensive printing costs can be. Save money and save the environment by incorporating all of your content into your app.

Expand your reach, gather lead information, and keep your attendees engaged with a mobile event app. By using technological advances to your advantage, you can become a better event planner and generate information that will help you improve the way you present your company every time you host any type of event.

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