5 Cool Native American Crafts That Are Fun to Make

One of the most beautiful legacies of the many Native American nations is the incredibly interesting handicrafts that come from these ancient Native American cultures. People who are interested in Native American handicrafts can make them as a fun project that they can do at home. Making Native American handicrafts is also a wonderful educational experience for kids in school. Here is a guide to five fun Native American handicrafts that are fun for people to make at home or in school.
1. Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is one of the most recognizable Native American handicrafts. It is also a fairly simple piece that can be constructed by anyone. There aren’t very many materials necessary to construct a dreamcatcher. All it takes is a hoop, some string and some feathers to create a beautiful dreamcatcher that will ward off nightmares. The hardest part of making this handicraft is the weaving of the twine in the middle of the hoop. There are several different patterns available that range from simple to head-achingly difficult.
2. Snow Goggles

For those who live in northern climates that receive a lot of snow, one of the coolest Native American handicrafts to make is a pair of snow goggles. These devices were used by the Inuit tribe from northern Canada, Russia, Greenland and Alaska. The Inuit people re what many Americans refer to as Eskimos. They used their snow goggles to help them from going snow blind due to the incredibly harsh glare of sun off the snow in the frozen tundra that they inhabit. All it takes to make a pair of snow goggles is a piece of leather cut out into an eye mask, a string, and a knife to cut two narrow slits in the mask to see out of.
3. Sugar Cube Igloo

Another fun Inuit handicraft to make is an igloo made out of sugar cubes. This is a very simple project that is a great way to introduce younger children to Native American culture. All they need to build the igloo is a box of sugar cubes and a bottle of Elmer’s Glue. You can find several videos online that show construction methods and give information on the igloos role in Inuit society.
4. Sand Painting

The Navajo medicine men have used sand painting in healing ceremonies for thousands of years. Making your own sand painting is a great way to connect with the proud tradition of these ancient people. All you will need to make your own sand painting is a bottle of Elmer’s Glue, a sturdy piece of construction paper and some sand. Start by outlining the figure you want to create with glue on the construction paper. Next, fill in the outline with more glue. Finally, pour the sand through your fingers gently until the entire figure is filled with sand. Blow off any remaining sand and let it dry.
5. Native American Headdress

This is another great project for kids. You can construct a headdress and feathers completely from construction paper, or you can use real feathers as a nice touch. All you need to do is to attach some feathers to a headband to create a headdress. Feel free to get as creative as you want with the headdress. Draw some interesting tribal designs on it to give it some flair.

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