10 Tips To Prevent Theft While Traveling Abroad

One can never be too careful while traveling. Simply by traveling, you will be seen as a target by some. If you take the appropriate precautions, you will greatly increase your chances of traveling without incident.
Backpacks and Shoulder Bags

Be mindful of your zippers. Consider using padlocks or simply to twist paperclips around two zipper tags to prevent easy access. If you have a shoulder or messenger bag, make sure you zip the bag closed to the front of your body rather than the back.
Windows and Doors

Never leave windows and doors open while you are out. If you sleep with a window open, put all of your valuables in the pillowcase you sleep on and make sure your bags cannot be reached by sticky fingers or long poles. Consider placing them in the bathroom.
While you Eat

Do not leave your purse, bag or coat resting on the back of your chair while you dine, particularly if you dine outdoors. If you have bags, place them under the table or stick a leg through a strap while you eat.
Mind your Mobile

As you dine outdoors, never leave you mobile on the table. You should also walk and talk with your hand firmly protecting the phone at all times as thieves have been known to steal phones straight out of people’s hands.
Stations and Airports

If you are in a train station, bus station or airport, never leave your bags unattended. People work in teams and wait for opportunities. Also, never leave one person to watch too many bags. This will make them an easy target.
Public Transportation

If you carry a purse, make sure it zips close and preferably has an additional flap to cover the zipper. If you carry a wallet, only carry it in the front pocket of trousers or an inside pocket of a coat. If you have a bag or backpack, be certain it is in front of you rather than behind you.

If a meter is not working, agree on a price up front. If you are a female traveling alone and feel uneasy, phone or text a friend, or pretend to, and give them the number and name of the driver. And, always make sure drivers have change for larger bills before you depart for your destination.
Unlicensed Minibuses

You should only buy tickets from an agent and a licensed minibus. These unlicensed minibuses may take you for everything that you have and then some.
Counterfeit Tickets

If you are going to buy tickets for an event or activity from someone on the street, check the official website to determine what the ticket should look like. You should also check dates and locations as thieves often overlook the details when trying to run a quick scam.
Always Pay Upon Return

If you are renting a bike, surfboard or anything really, you should never pay until you return. Some unethical opportunists will claim that you never paid and try to make you pay again. If they refuse to allow you to rent without paying, get a receipt.

Most people in the world are decent and ethical, however a few questionable individuals do exist in every country. As long as you follow these tips, you are far less likely to

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