Five Techie Gadgets Every Mom Needs To Know About

With all the electronic gadgets in the marketplace today, it is hard to imagine sifting through all the choices. From smartphones to GPS, stores are saturated with the latest and greatest innovations. However, there are several techie gadgets that every mom should know about. Making life easier, or safer, is one of the collective themes of these gadgets.

1. Home Automation

One of the most frustrating parts of life is wondering if you locked the front door or garage when you left home 10 minutes ago. In the past, moms just turned the car around to double-check the locks. Today’s innovation allows you to have home automation that is at your fingertips. Through a cell phone or tablet, moms can access the home’s security system to check on forgotten items, from a burner lit on the stove to lights blazing in the hallway.

This automation also works well for mom’s parents. Elderly loved ones may require some monitoring to ensure they are safe at home. An automated home provides mom with a way to contact her parents immediately. An emergency button on a necklace alerts mom of any issues, or it can connect to emergency personnel. Cameras throughout the home give mom a bird’s eye view of all the action. If a parent falls, for example, help can be on the way immediately.

2. House-Cleaning Robots

Although most households share the cleaning duties, mom may still be the main floor care person. Instead of hauling out the vacuum cleaner for every little spill, mom could use a house-cleaning robot. These sleek gadgets slide under beds and couches, finding dust bunnies from years past. Although they are not a substitute for a high-powered vacuuming, they help the house remain clean while mom concentrates on other activities.

3. eReader

Mom’s book pile may be getting out of hand. She could use the latest eReader gadget. Instead of hauling heavy books, mom can keep hundreds of books in her purse with an eReader. These inventive gadgets have improved greatly over the years, making the backlight comfortable for your eyes. It is almost like reading a real paper book. Mom can also access apps and the Internet for any other needs while she relaxes with her favorite stories.

4. GPS Pet Tracker

If the dog or cat wanders off into the neighborhood, it is usually mom who rallies the family to look for the pet. Make it easier to find your family pet by showing mom the newest GPS pet tracker collar. Appearing like a basic collar, you activate the internal GPS unit if the pet escapes. On a computer, cell phone or tablet, you access your GPS account, effectively pinpointing your pet in the neighborhood. You’ll never have a restless night again if your pet decides to wander outside the fence line.

5. High-Tech Pedometers

In the past, pedometers were relatively inaccurate, making you think that you walked 10 miles when it was only 2 miles. Today’s pedometers are highly accurate, and allow you to download your steps instantly to a computer. Mom would love a pedometer, especially on errand day. She may be surprised at how many steps it takes to do the grocery shopping alone.

Techie gadgets are a perfect gift on any day for mom. With her interests and responsibilities, matching the gadget with the mom is relatively simple.

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