Fashion Secrets For First Time Mommies

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Just because you are a first time mommy, it does not mean that you have to wear frumpy, dumpy and drab maternity gear. This article will reveal five fashion tips that first time mothers like you can use to get your fun, breezy and easy fashion fix.

1) Wear A-Line Clothing

Many fashionable mommies-to-be have flocked to A-line clothing, and many more will wear them long after you have your baby. This is because A-line shirts and dresses flow away from your growing tummy. Another great feature of A-line clothing is they have a seam under the bust, which is good for your growing midsection. A-line shirts and dresses are also an economical addition to your wardrobe as one item can last all throughout your pregnancy.

2) Wear Maxi Dresses

If there ever was a time to integrate maxi dresses into your warm weather wardrobe, it is during your pregnancy. Since the dress material flows all around your body, it is a perfect look to accentuate your growing bust while positively outlining your baby bump. You can choose from either short- or long-hemmed dresses, so you can dress according to your summer wardrobe tastes. When the weather is a bit cooler, pair your maxi dress with a jacket.

3) Wear a Belly Band

When your belly is growing to gargantuan proportions, you will need all of the fashion fixes that you can possibly handle. One of these fixes that should be added to your maternity shopping list are belly bands. Belly bands are large, stretchy pieces of fabric that fit around your belly while holding up your pants, unzipped jeans or skirts. These bands are great for those days when your stomach needs a bit more room!

4) Wear Flats or Wedges

The chances are good that the very thought of wearing stilettos during your 34th week makes your feet hurt! Well, it should! Not only does your center of balance change as your pregnancy progresses, your feet are going to swell up as well. During those special nine months, treat your feet right by wearing gorgeous (but comfortable) ballet flats or wedges. Leather flats are both a flashy and fashionable footwear option. Save the wedges for those days when you are really missing those heels!

5) Wear Compression Maternity Leggings

Even though you love the body that is growing your very own human, you also want to look more like a svelte femme fatale and less like a potato. One solution to “the potato problem?” How about compression maternity leggings? You can wear this life saving garment in the same way you would the regular variety. For example: those mommies who are worried about their burgeoning backsides can try wearing a longer top over the compression maternity leggings. Tres tres chic! Bonus benefit: maternity compression leggings reduce swelling.

Bonus tip: Pamper Your Pregnant Self!

A bit of pampering can go a long way during those nine months. Look out for mani/pedi specials at your local salon, or seek out pregnancy massages at an exclusive spa. You are giving birth to a human soon. The time for pampering is now!

You can definitely be sexy and fabulous during your first pregnancy. If you are dying for more maternity fashion tips, click here and here to get your pregnancy fashion fix.

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