Feeling Extra Beautiful As A Mom

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It has long been known that moms don’t always feel that they look their best. It can be hard to feel beautiful when clad in yoga pants, a messy ponytail and sporting small fingerprints from this morning’s toast with jelly all over her t-shirt. Today’s message is all about taking the time to do a little something special each day to truly feel beautiful and self confident.

It may feel selfish or vain at first, but putting a little effort into your appearance will do wonders for your self esteem and feelings of self worth. When raising children and juggling multiple responsibilities, feeling self confident and beautiful not only make mom feel fabulous, but those great feelings trickle down into the rest of the family. It will take a little effort at first; finding these perfect pieces that make you feel like a million bucks, but in the end the time spent will be worth it.

Beautiful Lingerie
A well fitting bra and underwear are the foundation for a great looking outfit. Clothes appear bumpy and lumpy with unattractive lines when undergarments do not fit correctly. Get a proper bra sizing, spend the money on well fitting underwear and watch your clothes look instantly more flattering.

A Well Fitting Bathing Suit
A flattering bathing suit will make you feel great every time you wear it. Spare yourself the dressing room and order several styles and sizes online. Most stores have free shipping and you’re sure to find a suit that makes you feel confident.

Great Mascara
When you are literally strapped for time, it can seem ridiculous to put on a full face of makeup. The fact that mascara takes 10 seconds to put on and brightens up the whole face makes it the perfect pick me up that anyone can squeeze into their schedule.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans
We all know that high rise mom jeans are a definite “no”, but finding a flattering, comfortable pair of jeans isn’t as easy as it sounds. The key to finding the perfect pair is to try on many different styles, colors and sizes. Start with a dark wash bootcut style and go from there. If the jeans are too long, but otherwise perfect, buy them and have them professionally hemmed.

Comfortable & Cute Shoes
Moms are often guilty of wearing beat up, dingy tennis sneakers every single day. The simple act of putting on real shoes can completely dress up an outfit and boost self confidence. There’s no need to be wearing heels to the grocery store, but a cute pair of flats or sandals can do wonders!

What it all boils down to is that when mom takes a few extra minutes just for herself each day, she will feel better about herself and be in better spirits when interacting with her family. It can feel like those 5 elusive minutes needed to put on some mascara or a cute pair of shoes are non existent, but they are there…you just need to fight for them! Carve that much needed time into each day and a fresh, vibrant beautiful mom will emerge ready to take on the day with confidence.

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