6 Topics You WILL Actually Have to Talk to Your Kids About

Communicating effectively is one of the many things you’ll need to learn to do in order to successfully parent. Sooner or later, you will have various discussions with your children that you might have trouble tackling. These are six topics that you will have with your children before long, so it’s a good idea that you know why they’re important and how you can go about addressing them.

Using the Internet

In this day and age, using the internet is second nature, and it is involved in many daily activities. The internet is used to stream movies, communicate with friends, pay bills, go to school, and much more. However, even though the internet has become such an integral part of life, it might seem silly to talk to your children about the dangers that are associated with using it. Due to social media, viral content sharing, and other common place internet activity, internet users are more at risk than ever before for theft of information, malware, predatory behavior, and other dangers. Regardless of whether your children gripe or complain, you might actually prevent them from making risky decisions online just by talking to them about the dangers of using the internet.

The Death of a Family Pet

Pets teach people a lot about life in general. They are beings that can live with a family for several years, and also bring them great joy and heartbreak in that small time frame. Knowing what to say to help your children traverse the grieving process when the pet passes is paramount. If the pet is ill or old, this is a great time to bring notice the fact that the pet could pass in the near future. There are options like in home pet euthanasia that can sometimes help ease into life without your pet. Once your pet has passed, be there to comfort your children. Remind them that death is a natural part of life, and that death brings peace to old and/or hurting animals.


Bullying is a topic that will likely come up at some point with your children, and you will likely tackle it in one of two ways; you might have to comfort your child who is being bullied, or you might have to discipline and talk to your child who is the one doing the bullying. Either way, bullying is becoming more prevalent and problematic in schools and society. It’s important that you know how to address it once the time comes.


The last thing most parents want to discuss with their children is sex, but this discussion is often what keeps many young people from making life-altering mistakes down the line due to oblivious decision-making. Don’t center your discussion around photos of genitalia infected with sores; rather, speak to your children about it in an intelligent and open-ended manner. Encourage them to ask questions, and never make sex out to be a terrible act – this entices curiosity and can backfire easily.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol will surface at some point in most people’s adolescent stages, but many won’t know how to handle them due to not having ever discussed them with their parents. The idea behind talking to kids about drugs and alcohol is not to terrify them, but to inform. By simply informing your children about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol, they can make intelligent decisions when faced with them in real life situations.


Lastly, it won’t be long before your kids will begin to ponder the concept of money. Perhaps they already have an idea of what it is, but it’s important that you help them understand the value of it. This also means helping them understand that material objects are not to be worshiped or obsessed over. Talking about money and the concept of earning it often leads to talking about values. If you can tackle this subject in a solid manner with your children, they will be much more prepared to face different scenarios as they grow older.

The reality is that it’s impossible to make certain situations automatically easy for your kids just by talking to them. They will ultimately have to learn some of life’s hardest lessons themselves. However, being there for them and lending an ear is a great way to help them understand and more easily overcome various situations in life.

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