5 Video Games Moms Love

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Most mothers try to encourage their children to go outside and play, just as they did before video games were invented. Yet, with the increasing use of technology and how the new generation adapts so well to these advances, it is hard to pry them away. So, if you cannot get your child away from the flat screen, here are five games that will make them and mom happy.

Words With Friends – Facebook games get a bad rating because they can become so addicting. Truth be told, there are many games on Facebook that do not have much of an educational value. Words With Friends is a bit different. Just like the Scrabble of our day, Words With Friends encourages maneuvering, spelling, and creative thinking skills in order to maximize their score using the letters they are given. It also encourages game play with people who are at a different skill level.

For example, there are boxes for double word (DW) and triple word (TW) scores. If you not only want to get more points than your opponent and prevent them from using these boxes in the future, you can create a word that surrounds or just misses the box. You are not just spelling, you are using strategy.

Piano Tile – Everyone should have an appreciation for music. This simple and easy to use game can be downloaded right on your phone. Children learn the tune and melody of a song by pressing the available keys in the right sequence. There are no distractions and it helps give children an ear for classical pieces such as Fur Elise, by Beethoven.

Zelda – All kids love a good story. This classic game is one of the best stories in video gaming. On the Wii console, it goes into a deeper background, challenging critical thinking skills and giving you options to defeat an enemy.

Kids will need to think on their feet in this game and certainly try to accomplish all the goals or they will need to backtrack several stages. Even though there is fighting, there is no gore or cruel language. Just a boy looking for a princess in this archetypal legend.

uDraw – For younger children, uDraw is a great game to teach kids how to paint by number as well as mix their own colors together to create original drawings. It utilizes a handheld pad and pen via wireless communicating with the console. Kids can save their drawings and use them as a portfolio slideshow for later.

Just Dance – This is by far one of the best active video games for kids. Popular songs are fitted with certain dance styles that encourage movement and agility. Moms can even look through the songs themselves to find out which ones are appropriate for different age groups.

With a fitness option, even moms (and dads) can join in and just dance.

These five video games are great at enhancing a child’s ability to think critically, promote healthy activity, and inspire creativity. The best part is that these games are great for all ages and boost the bond between mom and child.

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