Top Themed Rooms To Suggest To Your Kids

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Redecorating your teenager’s room may seem like an insurmountable task. After all, you know that whatever your child wants will clash with the rest of your home decor. However, you also know that your soon-to-be-adult won’t stand for anything drab in his or her sacred space.

Rather than starting an all out brawl, try to find compromises. There are options that can suit your teen’s style without offending your taste. The themes below are a great mixture of what you and your child can both love:

Skateboard Chic

It’s been around for decades and skater culture isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! This means that a skateboard theme makes a fun room design for both boys and girls alike that won’t go out of style. The Skurniture Bench is a great place to get started since it is functional and stylish. You can match the bench color to rugs, curtains, and bed linens in the room with ease.


This is a theme that you’re sure to be able to agree on. After all, who doesn’t like the beach? You can add small mementos picked up from family trips, surfing posters, and a coastal-inspired lamp. For a bold look, mount an entire surfboard from the wall or ceiling. Just make sure to keep the look modern as opposed to country-rustic, or your teen will likely rebel.

Outer space

Dreaming of the planets and stars doesn’t have to be for 8-year-olds anymore. In fact, with the right touches, a room can be themed around the outer space without feeling too kiddish. For decor, make sure you skip the glow-in-the-dark stars and solar system mobiles. Rather, you should frame large star charts or images from the Hubble Telescope. Try to contrast the blue bedding with a yellow or white rug. Needless to say, an appropriately sized telescope is the perfect finish for a room with this theme.

Black and white

It’s a bold move to decorate an entire room in just black and white but it’s a great look when executed appropriately. The lack of color is an added bonus will make your teen’s room look cleaner than ever before. Consider designs with mixtures of stripes and triangles which draw the eye without overpowering the room. Try to contrast the bedding with a round rug. If you don’t want the look to be too modern, make sure to add an accent piece with plenty of texture.


Does your child dream of a fast-paced life in the big city? Then transform his or her room into an urban oasis. Walls should have framed maps as well as pictures of skyscrapers, traffic, and parks from his/her dream city. The furniture in the room should be dark with clean lines.

With some collaborative thinking and perhaps a few well-placed youth room goods, you and your child can find the right look for re-designing such a personal space.

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